Coyote Kate


My climate journey began at birth, as the daughter of an eighth generation New Jersey farming family. The profound values of respect and reciprocity toward all living things are etched into my soul.

Adulthood brought new adventures, traveling around the world as a sports industry professional. Never afraid of exploring uncharted territory, I shifted my sights to the Cannabis Industry on the eve of legalization.

Over the past decade I observed first-hand the failure of influential corporations to embrace their ethical responsibility and capitalized on opportunities to create societal change. 

The intuitive need to reconnect with nature led me to a small ranch near Boulder, Colorado. The earth began to heal me and I quickly realized healing the earth was my only path forward. I joined the climate fight from the ground up, immersing myself in the local regenerative agriculture community, where I found other like-minded individuals.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between culture and societal change, I began finding ways to leverage culture for conservation on a local level. I love helping sustainable / regenerative farmers and nonprofits connect with the greater community.

It is inspiring to watch local communities embrace regenerative agriculture, reassuring us that below the dominant discourse of climate change, there are incredible reasons to hope.

Why Coyote?

One night while camping in the desert, a lost coyote pup wandered around Kate’s campsite, searching for his pack. He found comfort curling up against her under a blanket of stars. By morning she realized her purpose was greater–to comfort and heal the earth, which had so deeply healed her. And thus, Coyote Kate was born.


Functional and timeless–with a slight contemporary edge. Comfort, texture and dramatic lines give me the feels. I want all the wide leg pants and textured wood furniture.

I am a staunch believer in black, the absence of color, as it accentuates whatever canvas might lie beneath. Otherwise, my color palette lives exclusively in nature--a high desert landscape or lining the forest floor.

Georgia Okeefe is my guiding light, the queen of timeless functional style. Fairy godmother of creative ranch women.